Tips for Selling an Inherited Property

I inherited a house – Inheriting a house involves a lengthy process. Sometimes, multiple beneficiaries are involved, and it’s unclear who gets what. There are estate & inheritance taxes to be paid. The law wants to ensure that you pay all taxes on time. That’s why there exists a probate process. The probate process is … Continued

Improve Your Credit Score While Buying Home

5-Steps: How to Improve Your Credit Score?

Before buying a house, you must learn about credit score and try to improve it. It’s not always possible to have an excellent credit score. The rating starts at 350 and ends at 850. It may not be possible to attain the maximum score, but if your credit score is 580, you can surely take … Continued

Sell your home

How to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor?

Can you sell your home without hiring an agent? In this information-packed world, it is possible to sell home without involving a high-priced agent. Imagine saving $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 on your home sale. Selling home by owner is considered no walk in the park, but if you look at the savings, it’s surely … Continued

Sell your home

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Late Parent’s Home

It can be exhausting & emotionally tough to clean out your parent’s home after they pass away. Without question, it is the most challenging tasks in life, and you must do it. Your parents may have left you a house which can be a great gift to you. However, the property comes with its unique … Continued