From Small to Bigger in no Time: 3 Important Room Improvement Projects

Life can feel so cluttered at times. I have fallen into this category before. Important room improvement projects, when I was living in a small apartment, my thoughts were everywhere. It felt like an eternal struggle between me and the walls. My apartment rarely got any sunlight, there was no beauty, and the furniture pieces were all over the place.

I’m sure everyone would love to have a big house, but if that is not possible to afford, changing the room’s appearance could be a good option. For me, it began with a 1-week vacation, and as I returned, I was able to look at my apartment with a different view. I could change a few things that will result in a more spacious and graceful place. 

Important Room Improvement Projects

Anatomy of a Grand Looking Space: 

Imagine for a second that you’re touring a luxury mansion. What do you see?

  • Chandeliers? Great decor’ items? There are fewer royal decoration pieces that add to the glamour. 
  • Natural light is everywhere. (Spacious feeling places are never dark). 
  • Notice the neutral shade of paint that doesn’t absorb light. Here and there, you’ll come across intelligent use of contrasting colors, but the idea is to open up space. 
  • Spacious homes often have stripe-patterns. Anything that moves your eyes in the full vertical direction gives the image of being vast. 

De-Clutter the Area

Indeed, we don’t need most of the items we have stored in our houses. From clothes to old magazines, there are things we forget exist and are long forgotten. If your home is cluttered, too, then you need to declutter it. Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as you think! Just take baby steps. Make a plan and call 3-4 good friends to help you with this project.

Remove Your Furniture: 

Most often, it’s the clutter and the furniture that make your room appear small. You need to let go or move any furniture that’s blocking your vision. Choose similar furniture, and that’ll open up space. For a better experience, bring in inexpensive furniture with exposed legs. 

Important Room Improvement Projects

Lighting the Room:

Natural light is considered to be a bright feature for office spaces or even home interiors. Architects knew that artificial lights were quite cold and gave no warm feeling in a room as outdoor lighting. The solution was to illuminate the interior with light fixtures, which brought natural sunlight inside the room.

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New Windows: 

Window walls almost always make space feel more open. They’re instrumental, particularly when you need to bring in more natural sunlight without obstructing the view. They’re also straightforward to incorporate into odd-shaped spaces. If you can’t construct a new window, you can add internal windows between living spaces. Add a window treatment to close the view when necessary. This step can introduce much more light into your whole apartment and also a sense of flowingness. 

If you can’t add windows, then try adding wall-length mirrors in your room. Mirrors reflect light, create depth, and are not expensive compared to window installations. 

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