How Much Do You Lose Selling a House As-Is?

Selling a house as-is sounds like a great way to make a quick sale. But, unfortunately, in the real estate world, using an “As-Is” contract means the buyer accepts the seller’s home without warranty or guarantees.

You lose money as you try to selling a house as-is in Utah. People are not interested in damaged, ugly houses, and if your home needs repairs, you need to handle them. At least for a conventional sale; otherwise, the loss margin is very high. Most people won’t show any interest in the property, and those who do will ask for a deep discount. Fortunately, there is another way to handle the situation. 

  • Will I lose money if I selling a house as-is?
  • What happens when you selling a house as-is?
  • What percentage is lost when selling a house as-is? 

Stay tuned as we answer these questions in this blog post. 

Is It Bad to Sell a House As-Is? 

No, not at all. You may have heard that money is lost as you selling a house as-is in Utah, but that’s not true. Some people save more by opting for an as-is sale. 

Want to sell your house fast as-is? Or you wish to save thousands of dollars making repairs? The best way is to choose between a conventional sale or a private cash sale. It can be a difficult choice, but we can help you find the answers. 

Sell My House As-Is In Utah (Conventional Vs. Cash Sales)

Conventional Sale: 

So you start by listing your property on the MLS, and you also need to provide a disclosure that you’re selling your home as-is. An advantage is that you won’t have to worry about dealing with homebuyers who aren’t interested in the property because of its current condition.

Homes that are not up to par lack curb appeal.   These factors have a direct impact on the sale price of the home. To sell a house as-is in Utah, you have to make it attractive from the buyer’s standpoint. If a buyer can see past the current damage, they become more interested in the property, and this is when you can start negotiating the asking price. By handling these issues beforehand, you can sell your house fast. 

You’ll likely experience significant delays if you’re selling a house in as-is condition. Plus, you’ll need to offer a deep discount to the buyer. It’s hard to give the exact numbers, but the buyers will calculate the cost of repairs, and you need to offer a 10%-20% discount after subtracting the repair cost. 

A Cash Sale

For several reasons, a cash sale is better than a conventional sale, especially for an as-is sale. Let us elaborate. We buy houses in all parts of Utah and pay a cash price. Our team works directly with homeowners, and we don’t ask for any repairs. 

So how do we buy houses in as-is condition? We have a dedicated team that completes the repairs on all our housing projects. And our team can affordably do the job. And since the repairs are affordable (and a day-to-day matter) for us, we can give you a better cash offer. So if you want to sell your house fast, you can maximize your return by contacting a cash buying firm in Utah. If you contact us, we’ll give you the best cash offer possible, and we will complete the sale on your timeline. Our team can even share the calculations with you to see the cost of repairs and other factors. 

Interested? Click here to get your cash offer in the next 24 hours, and we’ll contact you shortly. 

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