Selling to a Wholesaler vs. a Direct Buyer

When you walk across the road, you see signboards. “We buy houses,” “sell a house fast,” “sell your house for cash”…

A property investor posts these advertisements. Real estate investors connect directly with interested sellers, thus creating an opportunity for both sellers and buyers. When you sell directly to a cash buyer, you can sell as-is and for a fair price. Your goal is to research the company or the investor and decide if you would like to work with them.

Unlike agents, real estate investors are not licensed. After all, you don’t need a license to invest your funds. It’s also understandable that selling a home is a big decision, and you don’t want to deal with the wrong people.

Who Is Buying Your House?

Real estate investors purchase real estate using their funds. They are not dependent on a bank or an outside financial institution. With a cash buyer, it’s possible to sell a house in a few days. There are reputable firms out there that have been helping homeowners for the last several years. You can research your local area to find prominent names in your city.

At times, you’ll find that you’re not dealing with an investor. You’re working with a wholesaler. Many people are confused about this concept. A wholesaler will also promise you a fast sale of your home. They can get you cash for the house, yet they are not the end purchaser. That’s the difference between a wholesaler and a direct buyer.

A wholesaler acts as the middleman. He’ll sign a contract with you and will then sell the contract to a cash buyer. It’s called a double closing when a wholesaler simultaneously buys your property and sells it to earn a commission. Let’s say you sign a contract with a wholesaler for $100,000. You wait for a few days, and your home is sold. At the closing, the person sells your home for $105,000. You get to keep $100k, and the wholesaler earns a commission which varies from deal to deal. There is nothing wrong with this approach. In certain situations, you need someone to guide you in the right direction. A real estate wholesaler may present you with the right solution.

Real estate investors trust this process because it saves time. The wholesaler has done the heavy lifting, and now it’s easier to acquire the property by paying cash.

Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Wholesaler

Whenever selling your house, do some research about the person or the company. Check out their reviews, BBB ratings, and online presence. There is nothing wrong with working with a wholesaler, but ensure that you’re dealing with a professional company.

The person isn’t going to buy your house. He is going to attempt to sell your home. Most likely, he is going to contact other cash buyers on his list. If he can’t find a buyer, he’ll cancel the contract, and at that time, you have already lost several days or weeks.

Selling Your Home to a Direct Cash Buyer

Selling to an investor has some advantages as you can sell your house as-is, and you can get a better price. You don’t have to worry about finding a buyer or arranging financing. You can decide about the closing date and have your house sold on that day.

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