Sell Your Ugly House for Cash

Stuck with an ugly house in Utah? Want to know the best way to deal with this situation? Thinking about listing or selling as-is? 

There can be a better way. 

How Can I Sell My Ugly House in Utah? 

For a few reasons, distressed houses are difficult to sell. People are simply not interested in properties that are damaged or abandoned. Banks make the process more challenging as you can’t obtain financing for ugly houses. You need to find a buyer who can pay cash or has the capacity to repair your home. 

For a successful sale, you need to calculate a few numbers. 

What is the current value of your home? You can get an appraisal or talk to a local agent about the pricing. Your real estate agent can give a price that you can get if you sell your home as-is. Subtract the cost of commissions, which are 5%-6% of the sale price. Then that’s the price you’re getting if you sell without making any repairs. 

The second step is to get an estimate for repairs. How much does it cost to repair the house? The costs will vary depending on the house’s condition, but it pays to contact at least three contractors, so you’re getting a fair estimate. Explain the work scope and make sure that everyone is listing the price for the same materials. 

The 3rd step is to know the comparable prices in the neighborhood. Don’t go too far as you want to know homes’ values within a few miles of your property. Look for properties with similar features, i.e., the number of bedrooms, style, and amenities. The chances are that if renovated, your home can also sell for the same price. Now get a paper and a pen. We need to plug all the numbers and come up with a round figure. 

Now, you have an idea for the sale price of the property. At this stage, you also know the cost of repairs. Commissions and closing costs will be 6% and 3% respectively. Repairing the home not only costs money but will also take some time. Then there are building permits that you need before you can sell your home. Run all these numbers so you can know the exact amount you get to keep in your pocket. Subtract the cost of repairs, inspections, building permits, house warranty, commissions, closing costs, and buyer incentives to come up with the exact numbers. Once you reach here, it’s easy to make a decision. Do you want to go through this process and sell your house in the retail market? Or would you instead take a cash offer now and put an end to this situation? 

What is an Ugly House? 

An ugly house is not just a property with a “not-good-looking” exterior. It can be any distressed property that has lost its charm or market value for some reason. 

  • Structural problems
  • Location issues
  • Unwanted inherited houses
  • Mortgage problems
  • Pre-foreclosure properties
  • Abandoned houses
  • Homes with negative memories such as divorce, or death
  • Title issues
  • Homes damaged because of natural disasters

We buy ugly houses in all parts of Utah. Have a place that is distressed or won’t sell? Let us know. We can help you with a cash sale. At Fast Home Offer Utah, we buy ugly houses in Utah and pay you cash for the house. You won’t have to make any repairs as we buy houses as-is. If you’re prepared, you can request a no-obligation cash offer. We’ll send you a bid within the next 24 hours (after discussing the situation and the condition of the property). Once you accept the offer, you can get cash and sell your home within 7 days. During this process, you don’t have to clean, maintain, or repair the property. You don’t have to hire an agent or pay for commissions or closing costs—no need to hire contractors and experience all the hassles. You can sell your home as-is for a fair price and sell whenever you want to do so. Again we are cash buyers, and we buy houses in Utah. If you’re interested, give us a call or contact us here. We want to hear from you to provide you with the fairest cash price for your home in its current condition. 

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