Sell My House Fast After a Bad Inspection

Sell my house fast after a bad inspection – Home inspections can reveal many things about the home that even the seller did not know about: some good, some bad. But assessments are meant to be a view of the condition of the property. The inspection report from your inspection team is not your “to-do” list. You don’t have to fix everything. 

After all, you’re not selling a brand new property, and some flaws are expected. However, unless the house has serious problems (foundation damage, plumbing..), you don’t have to worry. You can negotiate minor repairs with the buyer, and things should go fine. 

Sell my house fast after a bad inspection

If you need to sell your house fast after the buyer gets a bad report from their home inspector, what do you do? The good news is, there are options to sell your home fast after an alarming inspection report.

Bad News Can Hurt, But…

A poor inspection report can disappoint you. It can be frustrating and tiring after you have spent so much time preparing your home for sale. The good news is that the inspection report protects you. Later on, you can get into legal trouble if the home causes any damage to the buyer’s property. The second good news is that no home is perfect. Even brand new homes are not perfect. So regardless of the condition of the house, the inspection report will reveal something. That’s not a point to worry about. 

Experienced agents and marketers will always leave room for negotiation at an earlier stage. For example, never promise the buyer that you’ll leave the appliances. Instead, keep some margin in your asking price. If you have a margin of $3k-$4k, then negotiations become easy. You can give some discount, leave the appliances and both parties should be happy with the contract. 

Get a Personal Estimate for Repairs

Experts can go wrong. That’s why it’s always best to have a second opinion. Your home inspector or agent can give you an estimate for the repairs. 

However, you have some work to do. Grab your local directory (online, of course), find at least three reputable contractors in your area, and request a quotation for the work required. The cost of repairs might be less than what you’re expecting. And this happens!

You Can Sell Your Home Fast for Cash

Fast Home Offer Utah is a house buying company in Utah. We buy houses in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Sandy, Provo, West Jordan and other areas. 

In any case, if your home doesn’t sell, we can buy your house. We can buy your property for a fair cash price (in as-is condition). That means even if your home inspection report isn’t great, you can still sell your home. We can still buy your house and pay cash fast. 

Most homeowners feel lost when the buyer cancels the contract because of mortgage approval or inspection issues. Unfortunately, we see this happen a lot in our city because we engage in real estate transactions daily. When such a situation happens, your best solution is to contact a reliable house buying firm in your area. 

Repairs are usually expensive, and you’ll likely face delays. You can avoid this situation when you contact Fast Home Offer Utah. We have a dedicated team that renovates houses. We have the experience and the resources. That’s why we can complete repairs for an affordable price, and we can pay you a fair price for your home. With us, you don’t have to wait for the completion of repairs—no need to wait for another inspection report. Plus, there are no commissions and closing costs when you work with us. (Homeowners love this additional saving of money!). 

If that interests you, please give us a call at 801-648-7942 or fill out this short information form. Our team will contact you in the next 24 hours. 

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