Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a House in Utah

Often, sellers don’t think about the potential hurdles until they’ve already encountered them. By taking advantage of the information found in this guide, you can be proactive in avoiding common mistakes and reaching your goal of selling a house more quickly.

Skipping the Home Inspection:

That’s an essential step if your home is 10-20 years old. Inspection can reveal hidden issues that you can’t see with the naked eye. Missing the assessment does a few things: 

  • The buyer will get an inspection anyway, which puts you in a stressful situation if the buyer comes up with a list of repairs. 
  • You’ll have to pay for those unexpected repairs. 
  • The buyer loses confidence in the deal. You’re no longer selling happiness. The buyer feels the house isn’t unique or “good enough.” That’s a common reason buyers would want to find flaws in the property or back out of the deal altogether. 

Opposite to that, getting an inspection provides some positive results: 

  • You can sell the house with confidence. 
  • You can deal with repairs, adjust the asking price accordingly. Or you can skip the repairs and change your selling a house strategy. 
  • Your listing stands out among others. The buyers know that the home has passed the inspection test, which means your home is a good investment. 

Doing Everything Yourself

Light bulbs not working? Don’t try to change them. Let a licensed electrician do it—it’s faster, more thorough, and just what potential buyers will expect. If the doorbell doesn’t ring, get someone to investigate. Is there a leak under the sink? Get a plumber! Buyers have plenty of choices. They won’t have any patience for worst-case scenarios.     

Underestimating the Selling Expenses

How much does it cost to sell a house in Utah? 

Most homeowners are surprised when the actual costs are revealed. At maximum, people think about the commissions. So let’s say the asking price is $250,000, and you plan on paying 6% in commissions. The total cost of commission is $15,000, and the estimated payout should be $235k. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Homes don’t always sell for the asking price, and if they do, you might have to pay for upgrades and repairs.  After that, you’re responsible for closing costs. Mortgage-related expenses are yours. Moving from home costs money, and you might be responsible for taxes. These costs indeed are almost the same for everyone. However, you can save yourself from the shock if you get an estimate earlier. You can contact us to get an estimate of selling a house costs in Utah, and we can also give you a cash offer today. 

Renovating the Home After Listing

Homes that need significant repairs require a lot of money and time. This is a massive undertaking for buyers, and most will pass on a poor investment to find a home they can settle into for the long term. As a result, many sellers decide to make renovations after a buyer backs out. This seems like a good idea when you’re trying to increase your home’s value, but it would be better to sell when the house is ready—otherwise, its value will be compromised.

Making Expensive Renovations and Ignoring Essentials

When you move into a new place, it can be easy to let issues slide. As long as the toilet flushes and the faucet is dripping—or not—you may not give it much thought. But these minor issues grow and multiply over time, and before you know it, there’s a good chance that your home will need some expensive repairs. 

Sometimes, homeowners ignore the essential repairs. For example, they forget about the functionality of appliances and start planning out a kitchen renovation. Remodeling the kitchen might be a good idea, but only if your home is fully functional. Don’t spend money on “good-to-have” if the necessities are calling for your attention. The house has to be secure before you make it beautiful. 

Not Fixing a House that Needs Major Repairs

The buyer will want to know if the roof is new, the windows are draft-free, was there freshwater intrusion? Was it due to natural or artificial disasters? How old are HVAC units? Does fireplace work? You can include a contractor’s warranty if you have already made those repairs. 

While it’s good to handle those repairs, sometimes, the situation can get tricky. For example, buyers can still question the house’s stability if they find out about significant maintenance. That’s true about structural damage. If that’s the probability, it will be best to selling a house as-is. Repairs cost money and time. There is no point in making all that effort if the sale is still in danger. 

We buy houses in Utah, and we can buy your home even if significant repairs are needed. If you want to selling a house fast, we’ll pay you the fairest price and buy in just 7 days. 

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