How To Avoid Agent Commissions When Selling A Utah House

Avoid Agent Commissions

Would you like to sell a property Utah? Take some time to learn what a direct sale can mean for your situation before you hire an agent or sign a listing agreement. It can be a more profitable and lucrative choice for many sellers in the Utah area! Keep reading to learn how when selling your Utah home you can avoid agent commissions!

If you’re thinking about selling your Utah house, you need to be prepared for the high commissions that you’re going to face if you’re working with an agent. Commissions can consume more than 6% of your final selling price… That’s a thousand dollars. In our latest post, we’ll help you learn how when selling your Utah area house you can avoid agent commissions!

The Process

Many people think that selling their house to a direct buyer means selling their home on the dollar to pennies, but that’s just not the case. Yes, our offers are less than what you might see on the MLS, but often the difference is negated by the amount of time and money you save. We just need to know some basic property information to get started on your offer. To determine the value of your home, we will run a CMA, or comparative market analysis. At a time that is the most convenient for you, we will make an appointment to see the house. We will make you a fair and honest offer for your Utah house after factoring in any repairs that may be needed. What happens next is entirely up to you. You can either sell to us or use different methods to pursue a sale. Anyway, you’ll gain valuable insight into your Utah home’s true value!

A Direct Sale vs. A Listing

There are zero guarantees for listing a Utah house. This can be frustrating for a family that is willing to move or for people trying to get some amount for their home. You’re going to have to be patient while waiting for a buyer that may never appear. You might have to sell for less than you’ve planned, and every month you’ll lose money by paying for things like utilities, property tax, and homeowners insurance. None of those factors come into play when you choose a direct sale. For a great price, you will be able to sell quickly, knowing exactly when the closing date will take place. Remember not all direct buyers are the same. Make sure that there are no hidden costs or additional hoops to jump through before you agree to a sale.

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