Tips for Cleaning Out Your Late Parent’s Home

Professional cleaning before selling house – It can be exhausting & emotionally tough to clean out your parent’s home after they pass away. Without question, it is the most challenging tasks in life, and you must do it. Your parents may have left you a house which can be a great gift to you. However, the property comes with its unique challenges. It can be a fully paid house, or you may have to take over the mortgage. In either case, the Real Estate must go through the probate process.

We’ll discuss the probate process in our next article. For the current post, we aim to help you clean out the area.

Professional Cleaning Before Selling House

Managing a House Cleanout After the Death of a Loved One

Accept Your Feelings

At a particular stage of life, you’re playing different roles. You might be worried about your job or your children school meeting. Your own home life will be demanding attention.

You have experienced a significant loss, and it’s okay to feel exhausted and stressed out. Don’t try to fight this emotional burden. Emotions are like waves. They rise higher as you resist them. Instead, embrace the current situation. Accept that you have experienced a significant loss, you have so many tasks to handle, and you’re tired. Acceptance brings relief, and once you’re a little bit relaxed, we can move towards the tactics.

Professional cleaning before selling house

Get Help

Spend a few dollars and get help with cleaning. Don’t try to move things here and there. Cleaning an old house can require a lot of work. Get some help, even if you think the job is manageable.

Call Your Family Members

Family members can often interfere and create additional stress. Some might want precious photos or a particular item. Call the relatives and let them know that you are cleaning the house. They should let you know which items do they want.

On a general note, pictures are often of great value. You might not have photos on a DVD or computer memory. Instead, you’ll need to protect the albums. Antique pieces hold both sentimental & monetary value. Keep them aside and then decide whether it’s best to sell them. You can also donate things to your parent’s favorite charity.

Financial Papers are Important

Documents are not always digitalized. You have to protect them. Every document related to the property is important. Construction permits, home insurance, mortgage papers, equity loans, or anything else like contractor’s warranty should be kept safe even if it is ten years old. You never know when you’ll need it.

On the same note, you got to track other assets such as bonds, life insurance plans, retirement accounts, or stocks.

Hire an Estate Appraiser

Antiques, furniture, electric equipment, and other items can be valuable, but you don’t know the $ value of these items unless you call an estate appraiser.

The estate appraiser will guide you regarding the pricing. You’ll also know how you can sell specific items.

Contact a Real Estate Solutions Company

It can be challenging to sell a house, especially when the property requires repairs and you need to clean the area. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, call a reputable real estate solutions company such as Fast Home Offer Utah.

We buy properties as-is, and our team can help you clean the house. Our team can help with moving things. We aim to make selling easier for you. Fast Home Offer Utah purchases properties in any condition or state. Please get in touch with our representative to see how can we help you with your particular situation.

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