How To Sell A House With Cloudy Title In Salt Lake City

A cloudy title (or a title cloud) can halt a deceased property sell in its tracks. A cloud on the title is typically found during the quest for the title and is any document, claim, unused lien, or other burden that might render the title doubtful or invalidate / impair the property title. Basically, you don’t own the property completely if you have a cloudy title and you will have problems selling it because you can’t express a nice title. Furthermore, banks will not approve a property mortgage with a cloudy title. Let’s take a look then at what you can do to clear a title and so sell a house with cloudy title in Salt Lake City.

Causes of Cloudy Title

Almost always lenders will require a title search and title insurance before giving a buyer a mortgage loan to buy a house. This is to safeguard them “from any third-party allegations or clouds on title to land that is used as collateral,” according to mortgage specialists. Any unresolved property problem can trigger a cloud on the title and will have to be faced and dealt with in Salt Lake City for you to buy a cloudy title house. Some of the most popular problems that can lead to the title cloudy include:


Cloudy title may be the result of foreclosure proceedings initiated by a mortgage lender if payment defaults. Often, if you are delinquent about payments, it is impossible to sell a house. Actually, the only recourse here is to catch up payments and stop the process of foreclosure.


Unresolved links can be a cloudy title source as well. These liens can vary from lending to contract job or even using the property as collateral to pay for other expenses. Typically, when such debts stay unpaid, such liabilities are put on a property.

Cloudy title may be the result of foreclosure proceedings initiated by a mortgage lender if payment defaults.


The mechanic’s lien is a prevalent sort of lien that can cause you problems when attempting to sell your house in Salt Lake City with a cloudy name. This is generally the outcome of a contract building or remodeling payment issue. Typically, a mechanic’s lien continues in location until either materials and labor costs have been paid or otherwise resolved.


In attempting to sell a cloudy title house in Salt Lake City, even fraud can lead to title impediments. Those fake acts have been reported as genuinely lawful, for instance, sometimes happening. This, in turn, generates confusion about the property’s real ownership.

Clear Title to Sell a House With Cloudy Title

The best bet you can make in attempting to sell a cloudy title house is clearing the title. Some of the feasible ways to do this are as follows:


By paying the debts that the liens represent and then asking whoever put the links to remove them, you can get any liens against your house removed. If you’ve by chance paid a lien-related debt and the lien holder refused to have it withdrawn, you’ll probably have to bring it to court to release the lien.


If you have paid off a mortgage and the lender still has mortgage or trust acts recorded against your house, you can have that lender perform a reconveyance act. This deed “removes the right of the lender to the estate and clears any cloud caused by the ancient loan.”

Use an Experienced Agent

So can you sell a house in Salt Lake City with a cloudy name? Yes, if you take the correct measures, you can. But it is often followed by a mountain of legal papers, a complex process. Then your best bet is to hire a knowledgeable and experienced officer in this region. And we can assist here.

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