What to Consider When Pricing Your Home

What to consider when pricing your home – Selling your home is usually a complicated process. Along with dealing with loan and mortgage approval, selling a house is another complex process.

One of the most important things that a seller should greatly think about is the price for which they could sell their house. This aspect of the process seems simple at first glance but requires insight into many different elements that could affect the discussion as a whole.

Here are some of the most important factors to note when establishing a price on a house:


Part of the process of selling a house is to have it appraised to determine what a reasonable price would be for valuing the house. For this reason, professional appraisers look at different aspects of the property to determine if a property should be valued higher or lower. Appraisers typically look at the age, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, the size and location of the property, and aspects like plumbing and furnaces.

The state of the house plays a major factor in its valuation. The potential for damages and repairs greatly affects the price of the house because it means that buyers may have to take into account repair costs. In most cases, it falls on the seller to take responsibility for fixing any damages before any listing goes public.

If the appraiser gives a valuation that is deemed unsatisfactory, it is fine for the seller to speak up about it. Their appraisals may also be affected by their knowledge of the area and the neighborhood. Sellers are also allowed to appoint a different appraiser if they so wished to get a new value for the house.

What to Consider When Pricing Your Home

Housing Markets

Real estate is one of the most volatile financial markets. The state of the market is an important consideration to determine a valid price range for the type of house being sold and similar properties. If housing markets are in an upward trend, it may be a good idea to price a house on the higher side of the range. But if the market is in a downward trend where fewer people are buying houses, it may be more reasonable to price it lower considering the scarcity of potential buyers.


When a house is listed for sale, it’s important to look at the number of people making offers for the same house. Some potential buyers will look at the number of people who have made offers on the house as a way to ensure that there is genuine interest in the house. If there are few to no people showing interest, it causes concern that there is something wrong with the property.


It’s important to undergo active discussion with a real estate agent to establish and often change the price a listing is going for. It’s important to be flexible and react quickly to any possible sudden changes in the housing markets. The agent and owner both have to agree on the price for the house listing, as the owner may need a specific amount to pay for a down payment on another house.

After discussions with the agent, it can be listed publicly so interested buyers and their agents can find it easily. These agents place parameters set slightly higher than available so they can be notified automatically in case the right listing appears at a higher cost.

Pricing contingency plan

If the price for the property is deemed to be reasonable, but housing markets are not in the best state, then it might be necessary to prepare a contingency plan. This would go into action if the listed price or anything along the price range does not work properly and does not lead to enough buyer interest. A good contingency plan takes into account a different price range that may seem to attract buyers after considering current market conditions.

Know comparable listings

The housing market does not exist in a void. It’s important to know about other listings with similar qualities and how they are priced.  A good asking price for a house considers the average price sold for the house’s neighborhood. A good comparable is a listing that falls within 10 percent of the square footage of the selling home.

Additional closing costs

Closing costs are a factor that has gone through a change recently. Traditionally, these costs, including inspections, loan origination fees, and title insurance, are covered by the seller. It would make sense because of this to put in a lower down payment. But in more competitive markets, it is becoming more common to see the buyer and seller splitting, or the buyer taking on the entirety of these costs in some cases.

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