How to Sell an Ugly House in Less than 20 Days?

When selling a house, everyone recommends renovating. Your real estate agent says you need to work on the curb appeal. Maybe change the paint color, and focus a bit more on home staging. It all sounds great, but what if you don’t have a home in a top-notch condition?

Every home becomes the victim of regular wear and tear. You need to maintain the house, and that often requires updates & repairs.

Reasons for Selling an Ugly House As-Is in the Market

There are times when you cannot sell an ugly house. Take the case of an elderly couple living in their family house. Because of health restrictions, the couple might not be able to take care of daily chores. They cannot manage the entire house. The property deteriorates over time, and after a few years, it can have an outdated appearance.


How to Sell an Ugly House in Less than 20 Days


The same is the case if the bank is foreclosing a house. Homeowners try their best to cure the default. When their attempts fail, the last option is to leave the house. However, vacant homes often keep sitting in the market for months. In the end, the bank tends to sell the home as-is for a much-reduced price than expected.

Weather conditions and fire can also damage a property. Such outdated & neglected homes don’t find a place in the market.

The current buyers in the market are millennials, the generation that was inspired by the latest tech, internet, and social media. When buying anything, they search online for inspiration. When they search for a house, they see beautifully decorated interiors, integrated smart technology, and modern layout. It’s no wonder that selling an ugly home in the market is a considerable challenge.

How to Go About Selling an Ugly House?

First, you need to establish a reason for selling your home. Is it necessary to sell the house as-is?

If not, we recommend you renovate the house. Focus on minor repairs and cosmetic makeover. Give your home a power wash. Thoroughly clean every section. Re-arrange the furniture and de-clutter the area. Generally, we suggest you take away 50% of your belongings. Doing so will give your home a cleaner look. Next, you can focus on minor repairs such as replacing leaky faucets, non-functional lights, floor cracks, and so on.

If your home is a few years old, it may require significant repairs, such as fixing roof leaks. Before renovating a house, it’s best to check whether your home needs significant repairs. Renovating the home won’t help if your home is not safe and functional.

Selling Home Directly Vs. Listing with an Agent

At this stage, you need to know whether it is feasible to renovate the house or not. If you are going to rehab the house, please do so, and after that, we suggest you list your property with an agent. Repairing the property takes time and money, but it will be worth the effort.

Otherwise, you should pursue a direct sale of your home. You can sell your home as-is to a reputable cash buying firm in Utah. The company will purchase your ugly house within days. They can close the deal on your timeline, and you’ll get a fair cash price for your property.

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