Benefits of Owner Financing for Ogden Home Sellers

In Ogden, there are many advantages of homeowner funding! Learn more about the benefits of using a lease to sell your home in our recent post!

Renting to own contracts is not normal boilerplate contracts. There are many elements of the agreement that can be changed to fit a buyer or vendor better. The conditions of both buyer and seller’s lease, down payment, and obligations may differ from contract to contract. When the agreement is structured correctly, a home seller has the potential to come out ahead when all is said and done.

Cash Upfront

Just because you opt to use owner-financing, doesn’t mean your buyer will be able to avoid a down payment. If a seller offers financing for a property, even if it is in a rent-to-own situation for a short time, they will still want to collect an upfront down payment to secure the deal and protect the seller from loss. This upfront money is often called the option fee, which provides the buyer the option to purchase at the end of the lease term. This fee can range from 2-7 percent of the initial purchase cost anywhere, but a intelligent investor will maintain this amount on the low side to guarantee that prospective buyers are not accidentally pushed away by asking for an option fee that is not affordable.

Guaranteed Income

When you use owner funding or renting to sell your home on your own contract, you will assist make sure you earn a monthly revenue. Your customer or tenant will not risk defaulting on their contract, so you can almost ensure that every month your cash will be received on time. For you and your family, having additional revenue can imply enormous changes. It can be like having a second job, without having to do all of the extra work. To find a tenant, many landlords are hopeless. When owner funding goes into play, tenants will align themselves with the opportunity to purchase a home straight away.

Benefits of Owner Financing for Ogden Home Sellers

A Larger Pool Of Buyers

It will take a whole fresh pool of buyers to offer owner funding to assist sell your Ogden home region. People who can not qualify or pay down on a traditional mortgage can come to you. You need to run background and credit checks, of course, so that you don’t end up with the incorrect individual in an arrangement. But you will be able to locate many more prospective buyers for your house by providing owner funding for your estate in Ogden. You will also be able to assist someone who has a home ownership dream but is not prepared to do it all alone.

Get Your Asking Price

Buyers are usually willing to pay your asking price in exchange for the opportunity to purchase your home. Your cost should be sensible and consistent with what other properties in the region are selling for. You might have to wait for the house to close officially for a year or two. If you don’t mind collecting a rent payment, instead of the total profit from the home right away, you’ll likely be able to collect your asking price, without having to lose any money on the sale.You will have the upper hand in negotiations as your buyers aren’t going to want to have their offer be rejected.

A Fast Sale

By opening the door to new buyers, you’ll probably find a lot of people jumping at the chance to buy. You will typically be able to find a competent buyer immediately. You might have been waiting for months for a traditional sale until a suitable buyer is found. By signing a lease to a prospective buyer instantly, you will immediately restrict your liability and assist you end a decent quantity of property expenses you had earlier faced.

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