Average Cost to Fix Up House to Sell

Nobody wants to spend more than necessary to fix up their home, especially when selling it. When it comes to the average cost to fix up house to sell, it’s roughly $15,000 depending on the location. The average homeowner spends between $10,000 to $55,000 on projects, and $500 to $5000 on staging and preparation. Naturally, this varies somewhat depending on multiple factors, but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind.

What to Fix Up Before I Sell My House

What renovations do I need to make when I sell my house?

In order to get the best chance of getting the asking price, repairs are necessary. Focus on repairs that will grant you the greatest return on investment (ROI) and increase the home’s value.

What Projects Offer the Best ROI?

While it depends on the property or location, some projects trend better returns than others. Landscaping and minor bathroom remodels typically offer a full ROI. Other projects that largely recoup their costs include kitchen remodels, door placements, deck additions, and entry door and window replacements. Your home is uniquely yours, so your needs may vary. Consult with your realtor, appraiser, landscaper, or decorator to see how to get the most bang for your buck.

Factors to consider in your projects include curb appeal, lawn and landscaping, home staging, renovations and improvements, and maintenance. Weigh the current market value and current state of the home against the costs (both money and time) to renovate. Whatever repairs increase that market value improves the ROI.

Not every improvement project may be worth undertaking, but some will improve the look, quality, and marketability of your home.

Average Cost to Fix Up House to Sell

3 Steps to Take Before You Sell House

Before you house to sell and begin any large projects, it’s good to have a clear outline of your goals. This starts by examining the situation, implementing solutions, and then finally selling the home.

1. Fully Assess the Home’s Condition

Take a full inventory of your home’s potential issues or concerns. This can help you target problem areas and areas that can be improved for the most ROI.

2. Make Cosmetic Improvements

Here’s where the rubber meets the roads in terms of renovation projects. Imagine you’re a potential homebuyer touring your property. What features would you focus on during your tour? These are the kinds of features to focus on to make your home as attractive as possible.

3. Finish Preparations Before Putting it on the Market

Preparation includes things like cleaning, staging, and making your home viewing-ready. This will give you a better chance of selling your home at the asking price.

You should keep these expenses in mind when considering the cost to sell your home. When making renovations on your current home, budget towards 10% of the asking price. At least 1 to 3% should go toward staging and lawn and landscaping concerns.

About 25% of sellers who made home improvements sold above the listing price, compared to 15% who didn’t make improvements. Fixing up your house before selling is a great way to improve your odds of making that happen for you.

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