Problems When Selling a Home for a Cash Price

Getting cash for your home means the funds are transferred to your account, and you don’t have to wait for several days (or weeks). As a homeowner, selling a home for cash provides the much-needed relief and eliminates unnecessary hassles from the process. You can rely on the buyer to close the deal on the … Continued

Remodel a house to sell it fast

How to Remodel a House to Sell it Fast?

Renovated homes tend to be popular among homeowners. You can get a higher price, and you can sell your house fast. Remodeling a home for sale brings the best ROI when you spend less and invest in renovations that matter to the end buyer. Here are our tips for you: Think Small Start with a … Continued

How to Identify Scams When Selling House for Cash?

Selling your home for cash has certain benefits. You can sell as-is and close the deal in just a few days. A cash purchase often excludes financing and inspection contingencies. You can choose the timeline and decide when you want to sell the house. Ease of the process and timely sale is desired when you … Continued

selling to a real estate investor vs a wholesaler

Selling to a Wholesaler vs. a Direct Buyer

should i sell my house to a wholesaler – When you walk across the road, you see signboards. “We buy houses,” “sell a house fast,” “sell your house for cash”… A property investor posts these advertisements. Real estate investors connect directly with interested sellers, thus creating an opportunity for both sellers and buyers. When you … Continued

how to improve credit score

How does Seller Financing work for Homeowners?

There is more than one way to finance a property. While conventional mortgages are popular, they are often not easily accessible or the best choice. A standard mortgage product requires a specific down payment, interest rate, and credit score. If you consider the FHA guidelines, you can become eligible for a loan with a credit … Continued

How to Sell a Home with Tax Liens?

Discovering a tax lien is usually not a pleasant experience. The taxation entities can establish a claim on your home if unpaid taxes reach a certain threshold. The exact amount varies from county to county, but a lien can be created when you don’t pay the annual taxes. The tax foreclosure process can begin when … Continued

How to Sell at a Time of Uncertainty?

Your home is an emotional investment that involves years of effort. Selling the same property requires careful thought because you’ll have to move to a new place. You want to sell by a certain date and for a specific price to prepare for the next phase in life. In the earlier days of March, people … Continued

How to Buy at a Time of Uncertainty?

Times are uncertain. The pandemic has made life anything but normal. In the past few weeks, 38.6 million jobs have been lost, and we’re still gathering data to measure the damage that has been done. Covid-19 recession is different from the one we experienced in 2008. The recession of 2008 was triggered by the housing … Continued

Can You Sell a House During Coronavirus Pandemic

Can You Sell a House During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus hasn’t been a pleasant surprise for anyone since we discovered the first case in the country. Nationwide stay-at-home orders were issued, and the pandemic so far has resulted in the loss of 40 million jobs. Many industries have started working partially, but it seems like the situation is going to continue. At the beginning … Continued

Coronavirus Precautions When Selling a Home in Utah

The family wants to see their new home from inside. Open house events are designed for this purpose. You invite prospective buyers to come and have a look at your home. That gives you the needed exposure to attract the attention of potential buyers. Arranging an open house event seems like a far-stretched dream now. … Continued

Tips for selling your home during coronavirus pandemic

Tips for Selling Your Home During Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak has halted our plans without notice. It doesn’t matter whether you were planning to sell or buy. It doesn’t matter whether you were an agent or a contractor working in the real estate industry. Things have changed in the past few weeks, and it seems like the rules will be different this time. … Continued

How Can Landlords in Utah Appeal to Tenants During Covid-19?

Times are unpredictable. Covid-19, an unexpected event, is something that has turned the world upside down. Despite all the technologies and medical advancements, we are still not prepared to fight this enemy. Worldwide economies have suffered. One sector that has been poorly affected is the residential real estate market. The COVID-19 resulted in the overnight … Continued

how to stop property tax foreclosure

How to Stop Property Tax Foreclosure in Utah?

You can still save your home—If you receive a notice in the mail or at your doorstep that your house is “subject to foreclosure” or is in the foreclosure phase because of the none-payment of taxes. Each year county collects local and state taxes from homeowners and individuals. If you don’t pay your taxes on … Continued

filing bankruptcy chapter 7 in Utah

Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in Utah

Bankruptcy chapter 7, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, is used to discharge unsecured debts. You can file for chapter 7 if you have a house in the pre-foreclosure phase. It is possible to wipe out your secured debts, given bankruptcy is your last option. When your home is in the pre-foreclosure phase, filing bankruptcy can … Continued

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